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Do your own research, or DYOR, is a common phrase within the crypto community. A typo of ‘Hold’ originating from bitcointalk that has also been retrofitted to be an acronym for Hold on f…

Since its launch in 2017, BNB has grown into a coin that is actively traded across hundreds of markets , having demonstrated tremendous growth since its launch in 2017. Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented here are based on third party sources. They are presented to you on an “as is” basis and for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind.

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A trader may want an asset’s price to fall to either short it successfully or buy in at a lower price and increase their chance of generating again. Satoshi Nakamoto is the individual, or group of individuals, credited with developing the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The first Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was implemented in the year 2009. Blockchain․com says it will close Russian-based crypto accounts on October 27th. Blockchain Moon, an acquisition firm, has signed an agreement with DLTx ASA to acquire all its assets.

  • It added that a total of over 180 projects—all building on the BSC—had applied for grants under the accelerator fund.”
  • is a leading name in the cryptocurrency news space, providing the latest and most relevant updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple ecosystems.
  • You can search by exchange name to find out if DYOR is available on your desired crypto exchange.
  • It also includes investigating and assessing the whole crypto industry and the competitors to fully understand the viability of the cryptocurrency to make an investment decision.
  • Blockchain Moon, an acquisition firm, has signed an agreement with DLTx ASA to acquire all its assets.
  • The lack of information may also tell you something about the project, as less transparency may require further scrutiny.

“Each quarter, the board of the Binance exchange buys BNB tokens from the market for 20 % of the proceeds of the transaction fees and then ‘burns’ them , that is, it permanently removes from the market.” One of the largest centralized exchanges—no need Do Your Own Research In Crypto to go much deeper here. Binance is constantly reviewing and adding cryptocurrencies that can be used on the Binance platform. If you would like to buy DYOR Token, which is currently not listed on Binance, you can follow the step-by-step guide below.

Binance recovered quickly, with normal trading, deposits and withdrawals resuming within a week. By January of 2022, Binance had put into place a $1 billion dollar insurance fund called the Safe Assets Fund for Users . During perhaps the most tumultuous week on record in crypto markets, Binance announced the launch of the MVB accelerator program for developers, and that they were hiring an additional 2000 employees. BNB is a native platform token for BNB Chain and the larger Binance Exchange ecosystem. BNB use cases include cheaper gas fees, reduced trading fees on Binance, and the ability to participate in token sales issued off BNB Chain’s Layer-1 blockchain.

Some coins are hot-garbage-ridden with a financial crime – more reason to use coinmarket to research any currency you wish to buy. As of today, there are over 5,161 different types of coins and tokens, according to Coinmarketcap. Bitcoin is the De-facto king of all cryptocurrencies; it has significant dominance in the crypto market and is generally accepted as the US Dollar.

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Yet, don’t forget that any information from Reddit is generally based on subjective personal opinions. R/Cryptocurrency is a nice qualitative, not an academic-ish quantitative research tool. Checking social media channels to discover what experts and influencers are saying about your favorite cryptocurrencies is the next step that you should follow. The work that goes into DYOR for a single project is imperative in safeguarding your investments.

In many situations, traders will use this expectation by taking a short position on an asset, meaning that they will make a wager that will pay off should the crypto asset in question fall in value. KYC is a compliance cryptocurrency term that stands for Know Your Customer. It will probably come up if you take a more mainstream approach to purchasing crypto with fiat. So if you want to sell BTC from your blockchain and enjoy a faster transaction, you should choose a priority fee 🤣 for quick confirmation and delivery of your coin to the receiving wallet. Stable coins are coins that are not affiliated with the volatility of the cryptoMarket. Since Bitcoin launched in 2009, thousands of altcoins have emerged.

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However both blockchains now reside on the main Binance domain and form what Binance calls a “dual-chain architecture”.” Once you buy your BNB Chain, go to your Binance wallet section and look for the BNB Chain you purchased. Set the network to BNB Chain, provide your wallet address and the amount you want to transfer. Click the withdraw button and wait for your BNB Chain to appear in your Binance.

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It takes into account a variety of variables, such as a cryptocurrency’s transaction value and count, transaction fees, hash rate, staked tokens, etc. Many auditors, such as Certik, Hacken and Quantstamp review the code of blockchain projects before launch to ensure their security. These audits involve double-checking the code and testing it for vulnerabilities, which results in the funds within the application being much safer than a non-audited smart contract. Looking up the audit report of projects before investing is a sure way to build confidence in a project. However, people should be aware that a positive report does not mean that the project is completely safe, as there are instances where malicious code was added after the report was released.

Teams release comprehensive whitepapers to detail their project’s purpose and technology. These documentations typically involve an extent of jargon and nuance, so do not be disheartened if you find yourself struggling to understand it. The backing of reputable institutions and individuals is a green flag and signifies validity.

As you gain experience participating in DeFi, you will gradually develop expertise in researching opportunities in the space. There are often ask-me-anythings , Community Calls, and Fireside chats. During these events, you can usually find out more about the team, project’s roadmap, and tokenomics.

YouTube is great for educational content, whereas CT is the internet hub for the exchange of crypto-related ideas. Once DYOR starts trading with any fiat currency we will display the pairs here. Binance has experienced several hacks, including a $40 million theft in 2019. In that case, hackers accessed API keys and 2FA codes to get to the funds.


It provides you with information diverse and topical information with any possible details. However, many new aspiring investors may be embarrassed by figuring out what to pay attention to. Technical analysis gives you the technique you need while entering the market, while fundamental analysis informs you of the value of cryptocurrencies. Knowing when to enter and quit the trade involves comparing and evaluating the price movements of the cryptocurrency you want to invest in. You can perform technical analysis by examining cryptocurrency price charts, interpreting trends, indications, candlestick patterns, and more.

In 2021, Binance updated the burning mechanism to add an Auto-Burn Formula, which automatically calculates the number of tokens to be burned. 50% was allocated for branding, marketing, and education of new investors. Objectively speaking, since the announcement on February 14th, the STEEM token has declined 27%. As for the Steemit community, it has not only turned against Justin Sun, but also the very exchanges that aided in the takeover, despite Binance and Huobi citing misleading information.” Its on-chain governance with Proof of Staked Authority consensus, built on 21 validators who validate the transactions, will provide decentralization and enable significant community involvement.” In 2019, the team burned a total of 5,321,482 BNB (US$207,338,000) burned.

Is DYOR a Binance

Clacified has tabulated the list of the top 10 trading/exchange sites for cryptocurrency. “ATH” is a cryptocurrency abbreviation of “all-time high.” This term can be pretty helpful to know for tracking the digital currency markets. If you see the cryptocurrency term ‘satoshis’ thrown around, bear in mind that it refers to a fractional unit of Bitcoin. A satoshi is the smallest unit of a bitcoin, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin. is a website where you can see different types of cryptocurrency, starting from bitcoin to the lowest coin there.

The best investors can do is equip themselves with enough knowledge and research to assist in effective decision-making and reduce risks. A digital currency that is secured by cryptography to work as a medium of exchange within a peer-to-peer (P… Check authoritative secondary sources such as Messari, Binance research and CoinMarketCap’s Alexandria. If you can’t find any information about the project you’re researching on these sites, it is either the project is new and not well known, or it could be a red flag. Every day we welcome new Luno customers, all asking their own questions about cryptocurrency and getting started in a way that works for them.

Susceptible traders could be drawn to the hype, especially since shilling is often presented as a genuine recommendation by someone they follow. It doesn’t usually appear as advertising or promotion and can be rather subtle. For example, such promotion can be inserted as part of a discussion or product review. Investors relying on the influencer’s opinion rather than their own research could be convinced to buy into a questionable asset.

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Blogs keep you up to date with the project’s progress and recent developments. It is usually on the project’s website, Medium page, or Github page. Articles on crypto news sites such as CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and Decrypt will also provide a good measure of where the project is headed. See what people are saying about the project on platforms such as YouTube and Crypto Twitter .

LunarCrush, 4 Questions About this Project – Altcoin Buzz

LunarCrush, 4 Questions About this Project.

Posted: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The Frontier Wallet app offers a secure mobile interface that lets users easily access a range of DeFi features with direct connectivity with dApps across chains. Learning how to research cryptocurrencies before investing requires that you have an understanding of the fundamental and technical aspects of the asset. Hence, you need a basic understanding of what makes a token worth buying and a deeper understanding of the economics behind price trends.

Coinmarket is usually used in cryptocurrency when seeking information or market analysis. This channel can be not only entertaining but also serves your DYOR aims, r/Cryptocurrency is an essential tool to get the freshest insights from various blockchain projects. All crypto projects, even small ones, are being actively discussed there. The crypto market is highly volatile as compared to other financial markets; thus, no amount of study can guarantee you 100% success, but research can still be beneficial to your journey in the crypto business. You must have heard about this term if you are related to the crypto space. Have you thought about what this “do your own research” means and how people follow it?

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If there’s none, then find a community-run channel or YouTuber that covers the project judiciously. Through interviews with the founder or founding team, learn more about the project. You can start educating yourself about the markets from the crypto education website,The Money Mongers, and learn by doing. Tokens are built on top of an already existing blockchain network; for example, Feg is a token built on the Ethereum network. “Bears” believe that an asset, for example, a digital currency, will decline in value.

Any new projects or areas of interest should be subject to a significant amount of research before being considered for investment. Sybil attacks are also very common on social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. People with malicious intent can quickly create multiple fake accounts, attempting to trick investors into purchasing a cryptocurrency based on a “popular” post within a social media platform. But, it is not always easy to spot the fake accounts, so it is important to remain skeptical and do your own research.

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Many users share high-quality technical analyses on cryptocurrencies and tokens. CoinMarketCap is known worldwide for crypto market intelligence and research. It has deep market information on almost all the existing coins and tokens.

Checking the project’s reputation on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter gives insight into people’s thoughts about the project. Also, see if there are any questions or grievances concerning the project, and whether the team is immediately on hand to address them. Multiple people are incentivized to hype up or shill the project through social media and community channels. Projects or assets looking to shill can sometimes engage prominent online commentators and influencers to use their platform and promote it to their audiences.

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